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Clevergreen Board Games introduces it’s first Kickstarter project Altars: Traps of the Deep.

They’ve discovered an ancient Shrine under the surface of a Mountain, filled with treasures… and traps.

The traps serve as sacrifice altars to the unknown god of the Deep.
You can activate the traps to hinder your opponents, and to gain the favour of the unknown god.
Gather as many treasures as you can, but firstly, survive!

The game has 8 rounds, in each round each player chooses a trap type secretly, and then each players moves her/his character in the Shrine spending action points.
You can move, take treasures and heal yourself in your turn for the action points. But move carefully! Each space on the gameboard can contain a secret trap – activated by another player – so you have to pay attention to each other’s movements to be able to find out which traps will be activated and so which spaces are safe for that round.
After each player spent their action points, you activate the traps and check who got hit by them (gathering wounds/curses/crippling effects). If you were able to hit another player with your trap, you gain grace from the unknown god of the Deep (this god is really fond of blood sacrifices…)

Besides of the visible treasures in the temple, there are a few hidden treasures too – called the fragments of the Heart of the Earth – which you can only find if you collect the matching map pieces from the tunnels. This treasures worth a lot at the end of the game, so you should try to gather more of them.

At the end of the game you count the points for the treasures, graces and for your health (if you are really hurt, it could be minus points, cause treasures are not so fun if you crippled yourself permanently…), and the player with the most points wins the game.

See you on Kickstarter in Januar of 2020!

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