Black Pyramid

Clevergreen Board Games introduces it’s first Kickstarter project Black Pyramid – Traps of the Abyss.

We have discovered an unknown, ‘reversed’ pyramid under the surface filled with precious treasures…and mysterious traps… We became each others enemies… When we activated a trap, and made a hit with it on an other person, the unknown God of the Abyss gave us a reward. That was the moment we realized that the traps were sacrifice altars, and with the blood we took from each other we fed the unknown god…
There was no way back, we were enemies, and our only goal was to gather as many treasures as we can and to gain the enormous favour of the God of the Abyss..

Let us introduce our upcoming board game: BLACK PYRAMID – TRAPS OF THE ABYSS, where you have to
🦇activate the traps to hinder your opponents,
🦇collect the favour of the god for each hit,
🦇gather as many treasures as you can,
🦇but firstly, survive…

See you on Kickstarter in Spring of 2019!

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