SPIEL 2019, Essen

Certain colors, flavors and scents often remind us things that have been experienced before. They recall a mood, an event, or even a season. We were looking forward to have a bit cooler weather after the hot summer.
Autumn is here… we can feel it in our bones. The murky weather were greeted in September, and except evergreens, the trees slowly begin to drop their leaves.And what comes into our mind about this wonderful season?Of course Essen!

This German city organizes The International Games Event (well-known “SPIEL”) every year.
With our helpers and with some “Christmas Tree” in our bag we are prepared to have this great adventure, so let’s meet at SPIEL, in Essen, 24- 27 October.
We are sure you will recognise our booth from several Christmas Trees in Hall 4 at Booth F124!

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