Shards of the Jaguar

There was a Jaguar, a spirit animal of the ancient times, who was broken into crystal shards. Your people believe that the true members of your tribe can still connect with the Jaguar and can incorporate it’s power. So you and the other young tribe members have to go to the sacred pyramid to take part in an initiation ritual. With this ritual you can get in touch with the Jaguar, and if you are worthy, you will come back as a different, honorable person. The initiate who comes back with the most honor points, will be the next leader of the tribe.

The pyramid is connected to the Jaguar’s spirit, and it manifests in traps. You can use this traps to hinder your opponents, as each of you tries to gather the precious crystal shards of the Jaguar.

Shards of the Jaguar has eight rounds, and in each round, each player chooses a trap type secretly (claw, bite,…), and then each player moves her/his character in the pyramid spending action points.

You can move, take crystal shards and heal yourself in your turn for the action points. But move carefully! Each space on the game board can contain a secret trap – activated by another player – so you have to pay attention to each other’s movements to be able to find out which traps will be activated and so which spaces are safe for that round. You can also make ceremonies for the Jaguar during your turn, and if you made it before the others, you can gather more precious rewards from them.

After each player spent their action points, you activate the traps and check who got hit by them (gathering different negative effects). If you were able to hit another player with your trap, you get hunting points, as you are worthy of the Jaguar’s hunting instincts.

At the end of the game you count the honor points you get for the crystal shards, hunting points and for your health, and the player with the most honor points wins the game.

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