Until we don’t have distributors in the proper countries, you can order the 1st edition of Christmas Tree using this
surface. If You would like to have the 2nd edition of Christmas Tree, you should be patient until the beginning of this November.

1st edition of Christmas Tree

The game’s price is 30 €.
The shipping cost depends on the country and the prices are the following:
1. zone: 11 € (GLS)
Countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium,
Netherlands, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Switzerland
2. zone: 16 € (GLS)
Countries: Denmark, France, San Marino, Italy, Monaco, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Sweden,
Estoina, Turkey, Norway, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Cyprus
Outside of Europe: (FedEx)
Canada: 43 CAD (game) + 19 CAD (shipping)
USA: 35 USD (game) + 19 USD (shipping)
If you are from an other country, please write to us, and we can check the options.
Please don’t forget to give us these informations: Name, Post address, E-mail address, Phone
number, Amount
After you sent your order, we will send you a payment request from PAYPAL.

The shipping time is approximately 7 days to the US and less than 7 days to Europe.

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