Finally we have the 2nd edition of Christmas Tree too, so you can order it! 🙂

The prices are the following:

1st edition of Christmas Tree + free scoring tokens from the 2nd edition: 28 € or 32 $ (USA)

2nd edition of Christmas Tree: 32 € or 37 $ (USA)

The shipping cost depends on the country and amount. The prices are the following for 1 copy:
1. zone: 11 € (GLS)
Countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium,
Netherlands, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Bulgaria
2. zone: 16 € (GLS)
Countries: Denmark, France, Great Britain, San Marino, Italy, Monaco, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Sweden,
Estoina, Turkey, Norway, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Cyprus

Outside of Europe:
USA: 20 USD (FedEx)

If you cannot find your country above, please write to us, and we can check the delivery options.
Please don’t forget to give us these informations: Name, Post address, E-mail address, Phone
number, Amount and the edition of Christmas Tree
After you sent your order, we will send you a payment request from PAYPAL.

The shipping time is approximately 7 days to the US and less than 7 days to Europe.

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